Behold! A Pale Horse

from by Devon Hendryx



Produced by Dévon Hendryx // Written by Dévon Hendryx //
Keyboards: Dévon Hendryx // Bass: Dévon Hendryx //
Drums: Her Mouth // Programming: Dévon Hendryx //
Recorded at St. Charles // *Censored Per request of NOK and the PG era* //


In the eye

You know

I'm watching
On the sideline like robin
I told them let me get the hostages
They told me batman runs Gotham
But I'm rockwood I don't do options
Either my way or the highway in your dodson
Tried running but i caught them
lit a match in the gas tank
when they wasn't watching

now there dead

and i feel no sympathy for those humans
i got the last laugh in
this is what happens
when everybody directing and ain't no fucking acting
Too many thieves not enough police
Got a million Scott Halls and no wallstreets
i make my own rules motherfuck these streets
So u kill my cousin I'm gonna fuck your niece

pussy play pussy and get fucked

i play pussy like pussy get nut
And kick pussy out the house like what
i don't give one single shit
Bout any other human ain't in my click
Caught a white dude going down-the strip
Thats for slavery bitch
cause we don't believe in your greek philoso
Fiends got me in debt with hostiles
25 cent coupons from costco
Welfare checks on deck whadup though?
Rich kids brag cause they ain't got to
Worry about rent or the loans from car notes
I wish i was dead but i cant afford to
Bury myself cause that coffin cost you
So fuck out my face with that gospel
They lied anything ain't possible
Tell Mom to pay my rent
And i swear on her son
I'll survive on twinkie's and popsicles

sex ain't nothing if you cant fit in my ride
sex ain't nothing if you cant fit in my ride
sex ain't nothing if you cant fit in my ride
sex ain't nothing if you cant fit in my ride
Oh mama i want that stripper
To meet in the morning
Take me out the dawning
Oh baby i want to tip her

What u cacs know about EBTS and VCRS in 03
I met a bitch and told her fuck me on the lowkey
I stuck her up and gave my mama all the proceeds
Cause you don't want it with me white girl
I'ma take you down through there
Shit you never knew there
Everybody wants to be black
Until they get that one ticket
And then they never come back
Well thats kool I'm going to the gym in the summer time
Stealing all the weights and throwing them at the stop signs
These white kids don't want that harsh life
They said what you wanna be human
I said posh spice
5 years there looking for a remedy
Gave me one shot like the driver did Kennedy
I'm Al Snow with a stripper pole
Now take a look up in the sky a pale horse behold


from THE GHOST​~​POP TAPE, released October 22, 2013


all rights reserved



Devon Hendryx Japan

RIP 1989 -

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